Vacature Product Manager

About the role

At Attendi, Product Management is the art, science and practice of making our product successful. Consistent product success comes from unique customer insights, creative product solutions, and disciplined execution across various functions.

Every team member, including designers, engineers, marketing, sales, and customer service, plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of our product.

As a Product Manager at Attendi you orchestrate opinions, insights, priorities and actions while bringing your own unique insights and creativity to the mix. For the role as a Product Manager we are looking for specific skills such as: Critical thinking, cognitive empathy and influential communication. Fundamental traits for a good match are being highly curious, have a deep care for our end user and being an action oriented person.


  • Technical knowledge: You have a strong technical background in software development and are able to contribute to technical discussions
  • Communication skills: You are able to translate technical concepts into clear language for non-technical stakeholders
  • Team Management: You have experience in managing cross-functional teams and aligning priorities
  • Partnership experience: You have experience in working with software vendors and can ensure their products are compatible with our solutions, align product roadmaps and communicate effectively for successful implementations of our products
  • Product Delivery: You have a track record of delivering high-quality products and are skilled in project management, product planning and agile development methodologies
  • Interest: You have a genuine interest in LLM technology developments

At Attendi you will

  • Work closely with our end-users
  • Boost our product processes
  • Set out an ambitious roadmap and ensure a disciplined execution
  • Ensure that our solutions solve user problems and are scalable to all of our EHR partners
  • Help our team and customers break the opportunities down into small, executable steps to enable fast learning
  • Work closely with the founders and grow as fast as the company does

What we offer

  • Working on impactful solutions for problems in healthcare
  • Work in a fast-paced environment where your learning curve will be steep
  • A great place to work – feel free to ask our team what it’s like working at Attendi!
  • Great compensation and you will own a substantial part of what you’re building
  • Opportunity to work from home 50% of the time
  • A big screen and a MacBook
  • A gym subscription within our Amsterdam office to keep you healthy and happy

Interested in this role?

Please send your resume and motivation letter to and we will reach out to you!