Meet our team.

Attendi originated from the desire of young professionals to work on socially relevant themes. We like to introduce to a team motivated to contribute to the affordability and quality of health care.

Our team

Jan-Willem van Leussen

Speech Engineer

Jan-Willem studied Artificial Intelligence and obtained his PhD in linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. In recent years he has worked for various companies on solutions with speech and language technology. At Attendi, Jan-Willem is responsible for accurate, intelligent and transparent speech recognition for the Dutch healthcare system.

Reka Magyari

Product Design

Reka Magyari is currently a master student Integrated Product Design specialized in Medical Design at TU Delft. At Attendi Reka will be focused on developing the user experience of the Assistant. To build an assistant, which is clinically valuable, ethical, and trusted amongst all parties, a deep understanding of the use case is necessary.

Tirza Soute

Clinical NLP Engineer

Tirza obtained both her bachelor's and master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she specialized in NLP techniques. At Attendi, it is Tirza's responsibility to extract valuable registrations from unstructured transcripts that can be placed in the EHR after approval.

Diederik de Rave


Diederik studied organizational sciences at Tilburg University where he researched effective collaboration in healthcare. After his studies, Diederik worked as a trainee and product manager at information supplier Wolters Kluwer, both in The Netherlands as well as abroad. At Attendi, Diederik is responsible for product development, customer relations and day-to-day operations.

Arjan Groenewegen

Lead Software Engineer

Arjan has a background in Computer Engineering, specializing in Information and Communication Technology. He has gained a lot of work experience in developing both desktop applications and RESTful web services for modern applications. As a software engineer and integration architect he is capable to develop technology in a safe, scalable and robust way for healthcare professionals.

Omar Elbaghdadi

Machine Learning Engineer

Omar has a background in Artificial Intelligence. He is currently specializing in NLP techniques. At Attendi, Omar focuses on optimizing speech and language technology.

Berend Jutte


Berend studied Applied Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in the combination of technology and neuroscience at UMC, AMC and NIN. He gained work experience at a technology company and as an entrepreneur. At Attendi, Berend is responsible for the technology and product strategy and implementation.

Roos Hendriksen

Implementation Advisor

Roos has a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy. After several years of work experience in healthcare, she completed her Master's in Health Innovation. At Attendi, Roos is responsible for the implementation of the Attendi Speech Service at healthcare organisations and will be the link between the developers and healthcare organisations.

Kacper Kubara

Speech Engineer Intern

Kacper is currently a master student in Artificial Intelligence at the UvA. Kacper will be experimenting with new improvements for domain adaptation and noise reduction methods to improve the accuracy of our speech-to-text.

Foke van de Blaak

Medical Annotation Specialist

Foke is currently a medical student. At Attendi Foke is a Medical Annotation Specialist. Data annotation is a very important process for us since it allows us to improve the accuracy of our models. Thanks to her medical knowledge Foke is able to annotate medical data well.

Ilse Siemonsma

Research Intern

Ilse holds a Bachelor in Psychobiology and is currently doing her Masters Social Influence. At Attendi Ilse is researching behavioral change associated with the adoption of healthcare technologies.

Maarten Broekema


Speech technology was once a gadget, it is now becoming the norm. Also in healthcare. It is an honour to support Attendi on their innovative journey.