From conversation to text

Attendi’s speech technology accurately and instantly converts spoken words into written text. Because the speech and language models are specifically trained on Dutch healthcare data, the technology has a high accuracy for applications in healthcare. The technology has been developed in-house so that high quality, flexibility, and safety can be fully guaranteed. With Attendi, health care institutions, professionals and patients retain full control over the data.

Healthcare specific models

Transcribe in real time

Flexible implementation

From text to structured conversation report

Attendi directly provides structure to the transcript by applying various techniques. Automatic speaker recognition identifies who said what at what time, even when there is just one microphone available. In addition, punctuation marks such as periods, commas and question marks are automatically added to the transcript. In this way a readable and useful source of information is generated. The structured transcript can be shared to a location of choice.

Speaker recognition


Shareable format

Use Attendi within a secure web environment

From text to medical data

By applying various Natural Language Processing techniques designed specifically for health care, our service is able to extract medical data from medical text. For example, it recognises medical conditions, medications, dosages, treatments, and procedures. By linking the extracted entities and their relationships to existing medical ontologies, a rich source of useful medical data arises.

Medical entity recognition

Topic segmentation

Entity relation recognition

Sentiment analysis


And more...

From consult to report

In close collaboration with healthcare professionals and patients, we define the desired report for each consult. Our software automatically generates notes for the electronic patient record based on the conversation. Instead of writing the notes after a conversation, the healthcare professional approves the suggested notes. After approval, the notes are automatically processed to the right location in the patient record.

Integrate Attendi in your existing systems

At Attendi we believe in a safe and open system approach, where the capabilities of Attendi can be accessed by applications through an API call. This enables health care software vendors to incorporate Attendi in their products and into the existing workflows of their users.

Collaborate with Attendi

At Attendi we believe that innovation in healthcare happens when a multidisciplinary team works on urgent matters. We therefore want to test the various applications of our technology in close collaboration with professionals, patients, academics and developers to see how the technology fits existing processes while solving critical problems. Are you or is your health care organization suffering processes that are dominated by inefficient clinical reporting or administrative processes, or is the quality of information necessary for providing great care too low? Feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss the opportunities of using Attendi.

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